is our experimental audiovisual project.

 Mateřídouška connects digital music, singing,
 animation, costumes, objects and body motion into
 specfic personal performance.

 Our music style is mixture of ambient, hc, trip hop,
 click´n´cut, metal and sometimes moravian

 We are absolvents of Faculty of fine arts,Brno
 Tereza Damcová ( vocal, visual art
 performance, video concept ) and
 Jiri Suchánek (music, animation, camera, edit).

 Visual part of our performances is
 created from digitally animated hand
 drawings viewed on videoprojection, mini TV etc. (tuned to space).
 Part of the stage is also object Chinese
 noodles (also known as Akira´s bowels).

 Our sonic concept is inspirated by Czech psychologist
 Stanislav Grof and his theory of perinatal matrix.

 From summer 2005 we are part of label muteme.